The IDEAL Cycle

The IDEAL Cycle for creating results

Bad communication, repeating thought and behavior patterns that don’t work anymore, sticking to procedures that are obsolete and not being accountable are some of the causes for failing to create results.

The IDEAL Cycle helps you communicate about your project in the same way while keeping differences that are the creative juice of any project in place. It stimulates you to rethink and redesign products, processes and ways of thinking that don’t work anymore. It keeps you and your team-members accountable for your contributions to the desired effects. It forces professionals and teams to move from a reactive to a creative state of mind while learning their way towards the results they want.

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The 5 Key Elements of IDEAL

The IDEAL Cycle describes the five key ingredients for getting from vague intentions to inspired results. It activates our innate creative skills and has been successfully applied to creating and innovating products and processes, to personal development, as a coaching tool, for win-win negotiation processes, and more.

IDEAL makes you aware of the underlying Intentions (the why/the purpose). It turns them into perceivable, measurable effects by asking you: how will you notice, measure, perceive you’ve succeeded? Everything circles around the desired effects and is measured against them. Use your imagination to visualize creative ways to produce these effects in the Design phase (what/where/when/who/how). Your fantasy will help you to think outside of the box if something doesn’t work anymore.

Test your design in real time by executing a SurvivalVersion (Essence of your design, Action). Learn what worked and what didn’t, adjust your design and test again, thus learning your way towards the results you wanted.

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WorkShows©: become a professional creator

A WorkShow© is an interactive training session. Short, entertaining, introductions and hands-on work on your own projects. You can book a customized training session but we also offer specialized WorkShows©.

Present with impact!
Learn to build a presentation with impact from a master who’s been on stage for well over 10,000 hours.

In this masterclass George uses the IDEAL Cycle to help you design a powerful presentation that will be remembered. His personal record non stop speaking is 2 hours 47 minutes proving that people can hold their attention for a long time as long as they’re engaged. You will get the workbook and learn to build a presentation from scratch. Define the intended effects, design the script/vocal and non-verbal delivery/ interaction/material aids and create a tension-relaxation structure. You will take away a much better presentation plus a method that you will use over and over again.

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A 9am-5pm masterclass for up to 6 people guided by

In-company: Call (+31 6 51108415) or email for more information and special rates. Download the flyer here.

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A crash course creation while moving through Amsterdam (or any city)
Get energized, clarify your personal or professional visions and follow-through with the IDEAL Cycle.

Become aware of your creative nature and learn how to realize results with your innate creative capabilities. During a surprising walk through Amsterdam (or any city) you will apply the IDEAL Cycle to your personal or professional goals. You will connect with what drives you deeply, design out of the ordinary visions that are true to that and leave with clear, immediate and practical actions plus a lot of energy and surprising gifts. The Big Day of Creativity has been a smash hit for almost fifteen years.

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A 12 hour experience for up to 4 people in Amsterdam (9am-9pm) including good food, drinks, work material and surprising gifts.

In-company: Call (+31 6 51108415) or email for more information and special rates. Download the flyer here.

Open subscriptions will be announced to our newsletter subscribers who will get 10% off of the all inclusive price of €450 (sign up here:……) and on this site.

Synthesize opposite standpoints
Advanced influence and creative techniques to navigate through dilemmas and conflict and serve mutual interest.

People support what they help create. That is true for conflict but also for creating solutions. Learn how to turn dilemmas and (potential) conflict into unexpected solutions by creating options in mutual interest. The IDEAL Cycle helps you to (re-)connect to why you have this conversation in the first place and articulate your interests and the effects you want to produce (the intention in IDEAL). This sets your minds free and transforms a potential fight into a creative dialogue that generates many out-of-the-box options in mutual interest. This WorkShow© offers you smart psychological algorithms to steer the conversation in this direction, open new perspectives and solve problems that block the way to solutions in mutual interest.

Available as an in-company training. One full day (9am-5pm). Other options available as well (two 4 hour sessions for example). Call (+31 6 51108415) or email for more information and special rates.

The result is the leader
Let the desired results inform your behavior, thinking, decision-making and collaboration.

Self-organizing teams work faster and perform at a higher level. They maximize the benefits of the diversity of ideas, knowledge and skills by focusing on a common goal. The IDEAL Cycle is designed to support result based, flexible and practical work-processes. Your team will work on a current case and move it closer to the intended result while learning a common language and powerful creative techniques. Since IDEAL is rooted in reality they will recognize all components. IDEAL will help them to clarify the results they want to produce and organize any work method, system or skill that’s already in place based on these results. This WorkShow© boosts their self-confidence and energy for that reason.

Available as an in-company training. Any format is possible varying from a 4 hour session (that can be followed up by online coaching sessions if desired) to a multiple session format that ends when the results are achieved. Call (+31 6 51108415) or email for more information and special rates.

Result oriented coaching for managers, team leaders and coaches
A complete approach to coaching an individual professional or team to achieve results. Learn to use the IDEAL Cycle to help your coachee to fully focus thoughts, actions and resources on the results. Guide her/him from vague intentions to measurable effects. Get creative in what actions, behavior, tools and resources you need to produce the effects (design). Take immediate action by focusing on the essentials and execute a SurvivalVersion with very little means. Reflect on progress regularly by analyzing what worked and didn’t work. Adjust thinking patterns, behavior and tools in order to realize the desired results.

You will learn to ask the right questions, think outside of the box, provoke and stimulate your coachee and use the Sensual Mapping technique to help your coachee to get a feel and a clear picture of the result, get real about where they are now and move forward in a productive way.

Available as an in-company training in different formats. The basic training: 1 day training, 1 hour online coaching, 1 part of the day to close
Call (+31 6 51108415) or email for more information and special rates.

Creative Coaching & Consultancy

Create results while mastering the creation process

George has guided thousands of people, individually and in teams, on their journey from nothing to concrete results. He will stimulate, encourage, provoke and confront you to help you shape and realize your visions. These coaching processes can be a short and snappy one-time conversation. But can also continue for a longer period of time. The form is informed by your needs: live meeting, online, email, text/WhatsApp, telephone or whatever medium is most helpful.

It’s a double loop learning process. The obvious learning loop is the process of learning towards realizing your goals. The other loop is picking up the powerful principles and techniques of TheCreationGame® on the way. You will be owning the results you creates as well as the principles and process that created them.

Call (+31 6 51108415) or email to talk about the many options to help you create the results you need and want.


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