We’re all shape-shifters

Do you sometimes feel the need for change and have a hard time escaping from old habits? Do you secretly dream about having the power to transform reality and yourself ?

You’re not alone! We’re wired for change. We instinctively know when it’s time to move on and everybody has built in capabilities to make that happen: energy, imagination, learning skills and the ability to take action. We use them all the time but often subconsciously, automatic and in a reactive way. Which is fine! Until it’s time to change.

I’ve approached my life, work/business, relationship and art as creative processes to go deep down the rabbit hole of change over the last fifty-plus years. I shape-shifted through many careers in business to become the person my visions needed me to be. I’m sharing my observations and insights two ways.

In my transformational, artful and inspiring performances I remind you of your innate creative capabilities by letting you experience the power of focus and changing your mindset first hand.

In TheCreationGame® I teach you the powerful principles and many practical techniques I discovered to help you change mindsets and direct focus in order to create the results you want.

LectureShows©: Content brought to life!

Thanks for putting a positive spell on the room and allowing them to wake up with a wonderful present. It was an honor to have you with us!” Peter.

George Parker is the real deal. His many careers in business and his artistic skills produce solid, surprising and energizing LectureShows©. He invented the concept of LectureShows© and did over 5000 successful keynotes/shows in more than 25 countries for 500,000+ people and counting.

He animates your and his content it in a masterful and exciting way using stand-up illusions, mentalism, comedy, illustrations, acting, storytelling and audience participation. Feed him with what’s on your mind and he will create a customized performance for you. He has talked about topics such as innovation/creativity/problem solving, self organization and creative collaboration, communication and influencing the subconscious mind, personal growth and transformation.

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Event Hosting

I attended the conference last Friday. I loved how you presented a day with several speakers and made it seem as if it all naturally flowed from one to the next. Perhaps you’re a real magician after all?” Amy.

Looking for ways to let your guests take away more from your event, conference or seminar. George Parker is an experienced host tying everything together by creating a frame story around your program. He injects energy and emotion, clarifies complex concepts and ideas with mesmerizing acts and encodes content in a way that will help your guests to remember it. His approach turns consumers of information into participants who feel engaged by what’s happening.

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Dinner & Theatershows

“We had a magnificent, interactive dinner with our co-workers and their partners! They gave me a lot of compliments and loved the diversity built into your show. I will definitely recommend you.” Jos Koelewijn

George Parker created four theater-shows: The Fifth Element, The Death and Resurrection Show, 52 plus a Joker and The Hero’s Journey. All shows are built around themes relating to the human condition. George adjusts the tone, rhythm and length to the background of your guests so it’s easy for them to relate to the show.

Their multi-act structure is perfectly suited for the breaks between the courses and create a natural flow throughout the evening.

Contact George to discuss how you can add a sparkle to your evening.